Composite Fillings


At some point in our lives, most of us have had a cavity or will develop one. With today’s tools and techniques, there are several options for fillings and tooth restoration. Composite fillings are an excellent aesthetic option. Composite fillings are composed of a mixture of plastic resin and glass fiber that adheres to your tooth, supports the tooth structure and aids insulation when food is particularly hot or cold.

Composite fillings are popular for several reasons, one of the more popular being that they can be matched precisely to the color of your existing teeth for cosmetic appeal. They can also be reshaped to improve fit with your tooth or teeth, preventing further decay or discomfort.

The Process

Composite fillings are a quick and simple way to improve your smile. Your dentist can place a composite filling in a single appointment! The area is numbed before any decay is cleaned away. Our technique will keep you relaxed and comfortable during this quick and painless procedure.

The cracked, chipped, or decayed portion of the tooth is carefully prepared. The composite filling is then placed, finely shaped, and buffed leaving a tooth that looks completely undamaged and your smile looking as good as new.

The Results

Composite fillings are invisible, durable solutions for chipped, broken teeth, or decayed teeth. Ask your dentist today how she can restore your smile to its naturally gleaming, unblemished, cheerful state.

Composite resins, like your natural teeth, can stain if you drink a lot of coffee or tea during the day without brushing. Maintaining good dental hygiene will prolong the life of your new fillings and your smile. Check out our FAQ page for more about how to care for your smile!

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