Dental FAQ

Common Questions about Oral Health Care, Dental Products and Services

Find comprehensive and sometimes surprising answers to your most frequently asked questions from the articles below. You can also contact us directly for more information with the form on your right to speak with a dentist in person.

How can I banish bad breath?
When and how should I brush and floss?
Why should I worry about gum disease?
When do I need to replace old fillings?
How does teeth whitening work?
What do I do if I break or lose a permanent tooth?
Are porcelain veneers for me?
What can cosmetic dentistry do for me?
What can I expect at a normal dental exam and cleaning?
I have a really great electric toothbrush, do I have to floss every day?
How does laser dentistry work?
What are dental sealants?
Can oral health affect my overall health?