Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening For A Dazzling Smile



Teeth whitening products and techniques are a subtle but significant way to enhance the natural beauty of your smile and affect a big difference in your first impressions. They can, however, vary drastically in offering, cost, and effectiveness. Over-the-counter products may come in the form of whitening gels, teeth strips, or bleaching toothpaste, but can still fall short of their promised results. Zoom!® was created as a solution to the many ineffective teeth whitening products available on the market. The procedure and treatment is 100% safe and all teeth are treated at the same time by a trained and experienced professional.

The Process

The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure is painless, takes a very short amount of time, and typically leaves your teeth 7-10 times whiter. The technician will coat your teeth with the proprietary Zoom! teeth whitening gel. The active ingredient in this gel is a hydrogen peroxide component, which breaks down into tiny bubbles. These oxygen bubbles eliminate yellowing and stains. The gel itself is activated by a halide light. One of the remarkable aspects of this specialized light is that it reduces the amount of heat on the teeth during the procedure, thus reducing tooth sensitivity. The Zoom! light is placed in front of the mouth, and only the outside of the tooth is affected. The tooth’s internal structure is not affected at all and will stay completely healthy.

The Results

Zoom! is an effective, fast, and safe teeth whitening procedure for restoring and enhancing your pearly white smile. Post-treatment results can differ from person to person, depending on the condition and staining already present. The patient must have healthy teeth and gums before undergoing the revolutionary Zoom! treatment.

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